Wednesday, 7 July 2010


It's been a while since I last blogged, it's actually been a while since I last did any DIY after managing to trap a nerve in my neck. Still the chiro is sorting it out slowly.

So this where we've got to in terms of the front lounge ceiling.  We were going to just remove the coving, then plaster up the gap. But once we started to pull the coving down, it all went a bit wrong as we discovered the original lath and plaster celing had already been covered with a new layer of plasterboard that conveniently sagged around the edges where the coving had come down!

So, as you do you have a little pull at the edges to see how well it's attached and before you know it you don't have a ceiling. But you do have the biggest pile of wood, plasterboard and dust. Lots of trips to the local tip later, and we could finally see the floor again. Our local tip fortunately takes plasterboard, but only in small quantities! They have two of those big square wheelie bins that you see outisde of shops, we managed to fill them both, then retired quickly.

The plasterboard was nailed up through the lath and plaster, so it took me many evenings with a claw hammer removing the hundreds of nails hold the laths up.
Then as with older houses, we found that there was woodworm in the joists.. argh... Not being an expert lots of web surfing suggested they were old and no longer active. However, just in case we had a man in who sprayed everywhere, so if there were any still burrowing away, there aren't now.

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