Friday, 2 April 2010

Too Good To Be True

Every single room in the house has coving. We're not fans of coving. So it's going. But how foolish are we to think that our coving, would be like any other coving we've seen and disliked elsewhere....

Most coving I thought was the sort that was basically like plaster board. In other words plaster incased in a paper sleeve. However it seems our coving in the front lounge is more or less solid plaster that's been cemented to the ceiling and back filled with yet more plaster. The only way to get it off is to chisel like mad, and it sort of comes off in chunks. But unfortunately it's taking quite a lot of the ceiling with it.

That'll be a hole leading to our bedroom then. So the plan is to go around the edge of the celing and remove all the coving. I'll then patch up the holes with undercoat plaster. Then we'll get a nice plasterer chap in to skim the whole ceiling, in doing so covering the hideous textured paint. Did I mention that?

Yee gads what a mess... The Vax will never be the same.

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