Wednesday, 9 February 2011

What Does It All Do?

I've never built a computer before. I've done quite a bit with my almost four quarter decades, but never built a computer.
About 3 years ago I converted our old desktop PC into a Windows Home Server, but that was relatively easy. Take out the two CD-ROM drives, stick a couple of 500gb drives in cradles in their place and plug the wires back in. Load up the operating system from a USB CD drive and then two hours later voila... but that was re-using the basic beige box.

Lucy The Labrador

We've been thinking about getting another dog for quite a while now. My last Lab died over a decade ago, and one of the reasons for a large house was room for a dog or two.

We visited a couple of dog trust centres, in Salisbury and Shoreham and saw a few suitable dogs, but they were either reserved or in the case of two of them, not good with other dogs. So as a last resort, and why I didn't think of it before... I googled Labrador for sale.