Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Lucy The Labrador

We've been thinking about getting another dog for quite a while now. My last Lab died over a decade ago, and one of the reasons for a large house was room for a dog or two.

We visited a couple of dog trust centres, in Salisbury and Shoreham and saw a few suitable dogs, but they were either reserved or in the case of two of them, not good with other dogs. So as a last resort, and why I didn't think of it before... I googled Labrador for sale.

Via Freeads I found  a 22 month old chocolate Lab near Portsmouth, a phone call later we went around tgo see her the followiing night.
Within about 10 minutes of meeting Lady, that was her name at the time, we completely fell in love. Fortunately, there had only been one other interested family, who decided against here in the end.

We picked her up last Friday, it took her a couple of days to settle, but she's getting there slowly. She's incredibly loving, and wants to be with you the whole time. She adores playing games, is typically Labrador nosy. But is amazingly good around food and the dinner, she ignores us whilst we eat, and never begs.

However, here come her less good points. She is rubbish on a lead, pulls more or less the whole time, plus she goes crazy when she sees another dog, growling and barking. Plus she has to investigate everyone she sees. Now although frustrating as this is, as Steven points out she still young and probably hasn't had many experiences involving other dogs before.
Having said that, she is beautiful, and we'll train her eventually and she'll be fine, she's already completely got my heart... although when I'm trying to strip wallpaper she can be challenging!

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