Thursday, 4 May 2006

Phew, bit warm

This is the second day, and I've surprised myself another post!
Busy day in the office dear... 3 voice sessions, Mitch Johnson for BBC Radio Kent. BBC Radio Cleveland with the lovely Wendy Lloyd, who left her sun glasses in the booth, and the famous Bill Oddie who was in to record a whole load of ident and trail lines for the up coming Springwatch pan-BBC event. He was good fun, and really made fun of some of the repetitive lines he had to read. Just got to cut them up and send them out to the stations now

The aircon in the office seems to have been on a go slow today, but it was a bit hot out!
By the way if you are wondering what the photo on the right is, I just thought this post needed some colour. So, this is a photo of a posh grave I took last year whilst on a walk we did around Kensal Green cemetery. Bit bizarre, but I quite like it.

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